Vital Field makes a range of targeted frequency wearables they call FrequenCells. Each wearable emits specific frequencies that are intended to interact with the subtle energy fields that permeate the human body and in some cases reduce pain, and inflammation, and stimulate the healing process.

According to Vital Field, it uses patented frequency-sensitive material comprised of conductive crystals and silicon that can retain and emit therapeutic frequencies.

Despite limited clinical research, a majority of customers report no negative side effects and positive, tangible results from wearing the FrequenCells as directed, particularly in regard to musculoskeletal pain. Fortunately, Vital Field offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that allows customers to try for themselves and see if they experience benefits.

If you are looking to promote a biohacking wearable with pain-relieving potential, Vital Feild’s affiliate program could be a strong choice.


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