Having transcended the myth that veganism is just about animal welfare, the vegan market has grown exponentially in the last three years, and now provides extensive affiliate offerings online. Click Here to view our vetted vegan affiliate programs. Vegans are estimated to make up 6% of the population. But more promising is an impressive increase in vegan practices that fall under the flexitarian lifestyle. For example, 36% of adults now prefer non-dairy alternatives to milk while 26% of Americans cite eating less meat. 35% of consumers associate the vegan lifestyle with health food, 12% with losing weight, and an average 10% of consumers associate vegan products with environmental and social responsibility and being comprised of clean ingredients. Numerous affiliate marketing offerings are now available for promoting vegan products, including food, apparel, handbags, gift box subscriptions, personal care products and food items. Click the image below to see our top-rated vegan affiliate programs and offers for marketing vegan products.