In addition to being the oldest and largest LOHAS affiliate program directory in the world, what makes uniquely different from other affiliate directories is that we actively promote green businesses to our connections with both established and up-and-coming affiliate marketers seeking to promote brands and products in the Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) sector.

To keep our directory an unbiased resource for LOHAS affiliates, we provide listings to qualifying merchants. For maximum exposure within our network, we provide a search engine optimized review of your company’s affiliate program and product offering, announcing your program in our affiliate newsletter, which is opted-in by thousands of LOHAS affiliate marketers. See this Organic Basics affiliate program review for reference.

There is a one-time fee of $50 in preparing your review, which we highly recommend in gaining the most traction for your program. Our SEO expertise ensures your review will produce highly targeted traffic from affiliate marketers seeking to join your program. Additionally, we will showcase your program in our social media channels and in an upcoming Green Affiliate Programs newsletter sent to our network of LOHAS affiliate marketers and publishers.

*Please note we are highly selective about the merchants we list in our affiliate program directory, and seek out socially and environmentally conscious merchants utilizing non-greenwashing business models that foster meaningful environmental standards. After filling out the application below, we will review your site and be in touch if your program qualifies for your directory.

Listing Application

There is a one-time review fee of $50. Our search engine optimized review is highly recommended for maximum exposure & traffic through GAP.
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