**UPDATE** The From War to Peace affiliate program is no longer active.

In terms of promoting sustainability and stewardship toward humanity, hardly any other business does a better job than From War to Peace. Recycling missile warheads into jewelry, From War to Peace is does exactly what their name implies. Making for a perfect gift, the jewelry items – all of which are made from Peace Bronze – include necklaces, bracelets, earrings, mezuzah’s and the best-selling “Make Beers, not Bombs” bottle opener.

Considering the unique nature of these gift items, the prices hit the mark. Ranging from $20 to $60 (which buyers are easily willing to pay), a generous 20% commission on tier 1 and 5% on tier 2 affiliate sales makes for a great return. The From Ware to Peace affiliate program is managed in-house.

There is hardly a more powerful activist statement than recycling a disarmed nuclear warhead into a bronze Peace sign. That’s precisely what From War to Peace does…while offering affiliate marketers a chance to earn a generous commission.

All items at From War to Peace, which include necklaces, bracelets, accessories and the best-selling “Make Beer, Not Bombs” bottle opener are made exclusively from Peace Bronze – the most unique and precious alternative metal on the Earth.

Affiliates earn a generous 20% commission on tier 1 and 5% on tier 2. Considering the rarity of these jewelry items, average order sizes are on the high end.