Affiliate Marketing Tools

Actively providing affiliate program management services, Green Affiliate Programs works directly with affiliate marketers, and possesses a keen understanding and appreciation of the various needs of publishers and best practice affiliate marketing tools for optimizing revenue channels. As a Green Affiliate, your success is not only our success, it is a resounding success for a greener economy, humanity and planet Earth at large.

To help you with this success, we highly recommend the following online affiliate marketing tools and resources for optimizing your affiliate marketing campaigns. Whether you are just starting out and in need of a website, a blogger seeking to efficiently monetize your content, or an established affiliate looking to expand your social media presence, the following affiliate marketing tools and resources are a must-have.

The Online Green Economy

According to Nielsen, over 55% of global online consumers are willing to pay more for products and services through companies who are committed to providing a positive environmental and social impact. Of this figure, just over half are Millennials – 800 million of whom are now in the United States, accounting for over $600 billion in consumer spend (A figure expected to surpass $2 trillion by 2022).

Mobile devices are accounting for more than half of internet usage, and Millennials (68% of whom expect or demand a seamless online purchasing experience) are driving the bulk of it. In addition to serving as good reminder of the importance of operating a mobile responsive affiliate website), the fact that Millennials are far more responsive to sustainability purchases is a solid indicator the catch-phrase “going green” is not just a passing fad with Millenials. It’s the way of the future.

But the demand for green products does not end with Millennials. According to a Deloitte study profiling the “green shopper”, the highest demographic concentrations of green shoppers are in the baby boomer generation, whom according to ComScore are the fastest growing faction of mobile users and online mobile traffic. The Deloitte study also found green shoppers are a routine, weekly shopper, purchasing nearly 30% more than their planned shopping, and shopped more frequently (26% more of the time) than other shoppers.

The LOHAS Industry

As a whole, the LOHAS industry is now worth over $290 billion. Here’s how the rest of it stacks up:

  • Personal health products (including organic/natural products, mind/body and nutritional products) accounting for $117 billion.
  • Green building products, including sustainable flooring (bamboo/cork), appliances and renewable energy systems account for $100 billion.
  • Natural Lifestyles products, including indoor/outdoor furnishings, organic cleaning supplies, lighting and apparel account for $10 billion.
  • Alternative energy, which includes renewable energy credits (for which there are affiliate programs) account for $1 billion.
  • Eco tourism is now worth an impressive $42 billion, while alternative transportation has topped $20 billion.