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What do the Louvre, Westminster Abbey, and the Getty Muesum all have in common? How about Google, Facebook and Microsoft? 

All of them use ECOS Paints. These well informed companies, museums and landmarks made the choice to utilize ECOS paints for the same reason that thousands of homeowners have: ECOS has been reliably delivering non-toxic, highly durable paints in customizable shades since 1985.

ECOS Paints began with a clear mission to revolutionize the way paint was made before it was trendy to do so. Their commitment to developing a proprietary mixing process and unique formulations that are truly safe and will outperform other paints in durability, has helped carve a path for an entire industry of products to be born which have now reshaped how the world approaches interior air-quality. 

VOC’s have caused people to suffer from headaches, nausea, and some have even been found to be carcinogenic. Yet, even faced with this reality many pant companies still rely on formulations that may be dangerous to their customers in order to maximize their own profits. ECOS Paints stands out from the pack with water-based formulations that are superior in safety and quality.

Without any hash fumes, VOC’s or odors, ECOS Paints is able to deliver outstanding performance in both the application process, coverage, shade range, and durability. Their paints are vibrant, hard-wearing and completely washable.  They can even be used on high-traffic floors and high- moisture areas like bathrooms. It isn’t a miracle they are able to achieve this, and truly is a hard-earned achievement after 6 years of research, development, and product testing in a variety of demanding climates.  

The impressive product they brought to market at that time has now benefited from 35 years of continuous innovation out of their Spartanburg, South Carolina production facility. The fact that ECOS has set the bar in the industry while staying a “Made in the USA” product is something else worth highlighting.

ECOS Paint boasts excellent color customization with their color matching service, while their customers report being really impressed by their overall customer service as well. All of their products are made to order and shipped directly to the customer. Here’s what one of ECOS’ customers had to say:

“I love that I can get color match on paint that doesn’t have harmful chemicals! The shopping process was easy. The paint arrived fairly fast and in wonderful packaging to ensure safety. The paint was easy to apply, covered well, and the colors are perfect!” 

Product Highlights

– Completely Non-Toxic, Zero VOC, Water-Based Paint

– Vibrant Fully Customizable Colors

– Durable for high traffic areas and washable

-Made in the USA since 1985


Affiliate Program Details

ECOS Paints’  affiliate program is hosted with the premiere Shareasale Network (Awin), which provides affiliates with essential campaign tracking, reporting tools and custom linking.

From a marketing perspective, this is an easy sell value proposition. Consumers are increasingly aware of the negative health effects that VOCs pose. Whether they are families wanting a safe healthy home environment, or a fortune 500 company wanting to invest in ESG upgrades, ECOS customers are committed to a superior product that offers longevity, durability and safety.

While ECOS’ standard affiliate commission is 8%, this is a high ticket item that is generally purchased in bulk amounts to satisfy larger projects. And they also offer a 60 day cookie window length that give buyers time to circle back around, make their decision, and secure your conversion.

As a partner, ECOS also invites you to test the product for yourself and allow you to base your recommendation on personal experience. You will also have early access to special promotions, giveaways and unique discount codes.

Recommending ECOS and having the opportunity to experience their superior non-toxic paints, puts you in good company with some of the most respected organizations in the world. You will be able to stand on 35 years of ECOS’ experience making durable, non-toxic paint that has a secure place in the industry and a substantial brand recognition rooted in respect.

Affiliate Program Highlights:

Commission: 8%
Tracking Gap: 60 days
Affiliate Platform: Shareasale
Payout Minimum: 50 USD
Payout Method: Direct Deposit or check

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