Seeds Now is an online distributor of non-GMO, open-pollinated heirloom seeds. Not your typical online gardening shop, what makes Seeds Now stand out from other online retailers offering non-GMO seeds (and online retailers in general), is the high level of engagement they have with their customers.

After surfing around their site, it’s not difficult to see why this is the case. From our perspective, Seeds Now has done an outstanding job with their online marketing campaigns, having gone so far to develop a mobile app.
Rife with content, including an online seed catalog, an organic gardening guide for each seed variety, and a regularly updated blog with helpful gardening tips, the Seeds Now website does a phenomenal job at giving potential customers confidence in purchasing the highest quality vegetable and herb seeds available online – all backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Active on social media (with an impressive following), Seeds Now hosts a weekly giveaway and offers a noteworthy Rewards program enabling customers to earn points toward future orders. And with over 1,300 customer reviews and a 5-star rating, it’s quite clear that Seeds Now customers are pleased.

Shopping at an online seed store has a lot of potential to be – let’s face it – a somewhat boring experience. But that’s simply not the case at Seeds Now. Whether via incentives, discounts, engaging blog posts, shopping cart upsells, social media or advanced mobile accessibility, Seeds Now is doing an outstanding job to ensure optimal conversion rates.

SeedsNow_160x600Affiliate Program Overview

Seeds Now hosts an in-house program using Refersion Software, offering a 20% commisison with a 90-day tracking gap. Paymanets are processed via PayPal on a weekly basis. A small selection of creatives are available, including a selection of quotation artwork (as seen below).

Final Verdict:

We give a high recommendation for the Seeds Now affiliate program. There is a savvy marketing team behind Seeds Now, and affiliates will find a dedicated and responsive management team. Our only suggestions for improvement would be to offer a data feed, integrate tracking with their mobile app, and enable deep-linking in the Refersion platform.

Offering 20% commission, 90-day tracking gap with weekly payouts, outstanding customer engagement and a niche product offering, the Seeds Now affiliate program holds strong potential for generating affiliate earnings.

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