**UPDATE** The Allergy Store affiliate program is no longer active.

The Allergy Store offers a broad array of products for allergy sufferers. They also offer a small selection of high-quality air purifiers, including whole house air purifiers. Their two-tier affiliate program is powered by 1ShoppingCart, and features summary reports and a small selection of banners.

First tier commissions are 10%; Second tier commissions are 3%. Commissions do not include tax, shipping and returns.

After signing up, affiliates are issued a unique affiliate url, which can be used for a variety of text links. There are three banner selections available in the affiliate resources section of affiliate control panel.

Payments are made by check and are issued on the 15th of every month. Minimum payments are $50. Anything under this minimum will be carried over until the next payment period.

The Allergy Store approves affiliates who do not have websites and will provide a custom welcome page through their site for referrals.

In addition to selling whole house air purifiers, Allergy Store offers allergy-proof pillow cases and mattress covers, as well as an entire line of Enviro-Rite natural cleaning products. The affiliate program is two-tiers deep, paying 10% on first tier commissions and 3% on the second tier. Affiliates can login to track stats and retrieve banners through an in-house software platform powered by 1ShoppingCart.