Market Health (formerly known as Joe Bucks) is home to some of the best herbal product offers online. Paying a whopping 50% commission on first tier sales and 5% on the second tier, this is an affiliate program, that if properly marketed, can generate some serious money. Super affiliates are even entitled to 60% commissions.

An “affiliates affiliate program”, not only does MarketHealth pay large commissions, they offer easy payment solutions. Payments are sent twice a month with a low $20 minimum – available via Paypal, check, bank wire and pre-paid debit. Also, MarketHealth offers advanced webmaster features, including downloadable branded websites, xml feeds, rss article feeds, custom pixel tracking and search engine conversion tracking.

As for the herbal products themselves, the majority are all-natural supplements designed to treat and aid specific functions, such as colon health and weight loss. Promoting other products is up to the discretion of each affiliate.