**UPDATE** The Being Water affiliate program is no longer active.

Product Details:

BeingWater specializes in water conservation products for home usage. Yet, it’s BeingWater’s passion for sustainability that really makes this Co-op America approved business stand out from other companies simply looking to make a quick buck on the green movement. In other words, being an eco-conscious affiliate, this is one affiliate program you will truly feel good about promoting.

It’s one thing to promote a product that is good for the environment. It’s another thing altogether promoting a product that doesn’t have good conversion rates. Well, the thing we like about BeingWater, is that not only are their water conservation products great for Mother Earth, they possess great marketability. Here’s the reason why:

Namely, it’s the One2Flus Dual Flush Toilet Kit that is BeingWater’s flagship item for affiliate promotion. Helping to save up to thirty gallons of water per day, the One2Flush taps into a simple yet innovative, cost effective approach to conserving water, thus taking a toll off Mother Earth. It simply allows you to select one of two flushing methods (liquids or solids), which are set to precisely use the absolute minimum of water needed for the flush.

At only $39.95, the One2Flush is one of the most cost-effective ways of saving water around the house that we’ve come across. Toilet repair kits and a bonus package are also available at added costs. The One2Flush fits most standard 3.5-5 gallon 2-piece toilets, including newer 1.6 low-flow toilets (helping to save up to 1 gallon of water per flush even on low flow toilets). Instructional videos on BeingWater’s website help to erase any intimidation during the installation process, which only takes about 30 minutes.

Lastly, there is some great information published here about water conservation in general, including a free manual on how to harvest and make use of rainwater for irrigation purposes, as well as graywater usage. Also, don’t forget to check out the Straws For Life Project, which is making great progress in bringing drinking water to areas of the world where it is non-existent.

Affiliate Program Details:

Being Water’s 2-tier Affiliate Program is managed by Marketers choice. Affiliates earn 20% on all sales of the product sold. In addition Affiliates will earn a 10% override on all sales generated from any sub-affiliates they recruit. Being Water is hoping that knowledge of this rich override for Affiliates will spread quickly to promote faster water conservation. There are no payment minimums, which are expedited with the help of easy payment solutions powered by PayPal Pro.