*Update: This program is no longer live

Energetic Solutions is an online wellness center committed to creating “health and wealth” for businesses and individuals. Using the principles of meditation and visualization, Energetic Solutions teaches individuals how to create fulfilling and bountiful lives. Energetic Solutions is base in California, where they teach a variety of health and wellness classes and workshops. Through their website, they offer a series of transformation and meditation CD’s, as well as DVD’s and incense.

The affiliate program at Energetic Solutions is powered by 1ShoppingCart, which provides customizable affiliate reports, including commission summaries, sales summaries and impressions/clicks/leads summaries. Energetic Solutions does not provide any banners at this time, however, they so provide page specific text links.

The two-tier commission structure at Energetic Solutions is very generous. For CD sales, first tier commissions are 40% and second tier is 10%. For audio downloads, first tier pays 30% and second tier pays 15%. For workshops, first tier pays 15% and second tier pays 5%. For PDF downloads, first tier pays 40% and second tier pays 10%. For teleseminars, first tier pays 35% and second tier pays 10%. For DVD’s, first tier pays 15% and second tier pays 7%. For all other products, including incense, first tier pays 15% and second tier pays 5%.

Minimum payouts of $25 are mailed monthly via check.

Energetic Solutions is a unique site offering meditation workshops and powerful, targeted meditation practices available on several CD’s or via audio download. They also carry one of the best incense brands available today – Morning Rose.

The affiliate program at Energetic Solutions runs two-tiers deep and commissions vary, depending on the product. CD sales pay a generous 40% and 10% on the second tier. Downloads pay 30% on the first tier and 15% on the second. PDF downloads pay 40%, Teleseminars pay 35%, and incense sales are worth 15% on the first tier (5% on the second).