Ultimate Yogi*** UPDATE: The Ultimate Yogi Affiliate Program is no longer active

The Ultimate Yogi is the most complete, in-depth and engaging yoga DVD set available online today. The 12 DVD set of classes instructed by well-known yoga instructor Travis Eliot is engaging and motivating. This program is one the highest quality DVD sets we have ever seen. Travis Eliot takes participants to their physical limits and beyond in this 108 day program. Each of the 14 classes included are made up of amazingly creative sequences that attract both beginners and expert yogis. As you would expect from any yogi instruction, this journey is much more than a “yoga class”, it’s a spiritual tract that greatly improves quality of life, physical strength and over all well-being.

What sets this yoga DVD set apart from others is that it is of the utmost quality and truly keeps participants engaged throughout. It is structured, yet not forceful. This is perfect for the consumer looking for life changing transformation without pressure. Practicing yoga in private or in a group, this truly is the ultimate yoga instruction. Subsequently this will be an attractive yoga affiliate program with high conversion attractiveness.

With an eye-catching guarantee, “TRANSFORM YOUR BODY AND MIND IN 108 DAYS OR YOUR MONEY BACK!” the entire set of 12 DVDs only costs $108.00 and includes an instructional demo disc, 7 power yoga classes, 6 thematic classes, a comprehensive training guide, program calendar for tracking success, yoga hardcore, a nutritional plan, and a bonus film.

When you promote any yoga affiliate program or yoga product, you want to know that your customers not only get the best quality, but also have access to a website dedicated to helping its customers through a wide variety of resources. The Ultimate Yogi website itself has many engaging tools, including a blog, healthy food recipes, helpful videos loaded with tips, and in-depth yoga information covering all aspects of the yoga lifestyle.

Affiliate Program Details

15% commission on Tier 1 sales (that’s $16.20 each sale) and 5% on Tier 2 sales ($5.40).

Access to banners and logos which are updated frequently when promos take place.

A 30 day cookie gives potential customers time to make a decision before buying. Monthly payout through PayPal (you must have a PayPal account) makes payments available with a $50 payout threshold. Payments are made to you on or about the 15th of each month reflecting previous month’s sales.