*** UPDATE: The Stay on Health Track Affiliate Program is no longer active

Stay on the Health Track is a newly launched subscription blog and authority for helping consumers maintain their health with a variety of useful, expert information. Stay on the Health Track gives subscribers the latest and up-to-date information that many doctors may not even be aware of. This bog is a very useful tool for those wishing to be well informed about any all aspects of health and learning to live a healthy lifestyle based on trusted information.

In the era where we Google everything without necessarily knowing if the information we are reading is actually true, subscription blogs and membership online health resources are developing quickly, ensuring content is useful and truthful. Stay on the Health track covers topics relating to the importance of various nutrients and how you can add better diet and nutrition to your life for optimal health to information about the latest health research, giving you a head start where the latest trends and issues regarding health are concerned.

This new subscription blog is an extremely convenient, trusted resource for your everyday life health needs. When you join, you will have access to all blog posts, past and present. With each post, you’ll get a quick overview of the subject and how it relates to you without having to be an expert in that specific field. Get practical and easy to understand, step-by-step help on how to apply the innovative health information you receive to your everyday lifestyle so that you may benefit from it. Visit and sign up to Stay on the Health Track today!

Stay on the Health Track Affiliate Program Review

The in-house affiliate program for Stay on the Health Track Affiliate Program is powered by Digital Access Path. Affiliates are paid a reasonable 50% commission on all $9 subscriptions. Affiliate tools in the Digital Access Path interface include banners and your affiliate linking ifo. This is one of the easiest in-house affiliate tracking dashboards you’ll use, unlike others such as Volusion. Affiliates are paid monthly via Paypal for fast access to earnings. There is no minimum threshold for payout.

At press time (affiliate program launched late 2016), we can report that the Stay on the Health Track affiliate program has room to grow and it will do just that. Affiliate can look forward to getting in on a burgeoning program with more options to come. Green Affiliate Programs can also report that affiliates should take advantage of this affiliate program by promoting on various social networking platforms. Stay on the Health track is presently on social media and is growing its brand at this time. Be sure to contact the affiliate manager at Stay on the Health Track for any additional questions. Response time is swift.