**UPDATE** The Green Polka Dot Box affiliate program is no longer active.

Hands down, one of the most impressive green affiliate programs we we’ve come to support is the Green PolkaDot Box Affiliate Program. While there are more reasons than we can possibly convey unless writing an entire book, here are the main reasons our affiliates need to get on board to market this green grocery brand.

Do not let the name fool you; this is not an office supply company hawking pretty moving boxes and eco-friendly packaging or even polka dots. This is the green industry’s new leading online eco-friendly food club selling non-GMO and organic food items, supplements and household products (including pets). You could literally consider The GreenPolkaDot Box to be your go-to online grocer that carries everything you wish your local grocer carried and much cheaper in price. We are talking seriously cheaper. Before we get into the details of this brand’s cutting edge and generous affiliate program features, beyond the GreenPolkaDot Box affiliate program let’s chat about this company that’s taking online grocery shopping to the next, most healthful level.

This online green grocer makes shopping a breeze with its high quality design and grocery store style organization backed by one of the most friendly and helpful customer service departments.

Green Polka Dot Box is a company founded by Rod Smith, a man connected to the true pulse rate for today’s dietary needs. His vision has spawned an amazingly popular online food club where members (and even non-members) have access to the best organic food and household products brands and guaranteed non-GMO items sold at the very lowest possible prices online today. You simply must see it to believe it, folks.

Think Costco, only online without crowds and completely green lifestyle related. Even packages at delivery (yes they are actually have green polka dots) arrive in style, expertly packed with care, while staying true to an environmentally conscientious status. This company has a deal with FedEx, making shipping not only lightening fast, but affordable and free on $75 orders, with frequent free shipping on ANY sized order.

Green Polka Dot Box Affiliate Program Details

Why market the Green PolkaDot Box brand and join this green affiliate program? It’s simple. The dedicated business model this online company has in place is not only an investor’s dream; it’s every affiliate marketing professional’s delight. Beyond continually expanding product availability including top organic and natural food brands such as Amy’s, Go Raw, GrabGreen, Annie’s, Aubrey Organics, Castor and Pollux, Bob’s Red Mill and any other brand you’d pay too much for at your local grocer or other online store. This organic, non GMO and healthful household products provider gives affiliates the perfect recipe for success and high conversion rates thanks to its fabulous, easy to use online store, dedicated team of affiliate managers (the largest, most attentive team we’ve seen) and vast supply of marketing tools. This is one the most engaging and exciting programs we’ve seen, if not the most.

Whether you join the Green Polka Dot Affiliate Program provided to you in-house powered by Link Trust affiliate tracking software (see below) or if you prefer Shareasale, both platforms are available. Both provide you the same dedicated affiliate team, tools and marketing support.

You’ll quickly notice that Green PolkaDot Box carries several eco-friendly brands we support on a free standing affiliate level as well. Yes, this grocer sells a lot of products from brands with their own actual affiliate program. The Green Polka Dot Box website sells several brands, including Global Healing Market, that have their own affiliate programs in place. Joining the Green Polka Dot Box Affiliate Program gives your site visitors access to many of the brands you may already support all under one roof! This affiliate program is a win-win.

– Lifetime cookies

– 30% commission for each new member you provide (you’ll get $15 for each new member)

– $2 every order thereafter for the lifetime of the customer

– Affiliate blog

– Continual, bi-weekly promotions

– Highly competitive prices on well-known organic and non-GMO brands

– No minimum threshold for payouts