About Coco Luxe Organic

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, CocoLuxeOrganic.com now provides the online marketplace with high-end organic coconut oil for on-the-go consumers with its innovative and extremely convenient packaging style. Coconut oil serves more useful needs in our everyday life then we’ve ever realized before, and Coco Luxe makes using coconut oil in your daily regimen the easiest it can be.

CocoLuxeOrganic is 100% USDA organic certified and made in Fiji. This unrefined (no bleach or deodorant), extra virgin, cold expeller-pressed coconut oil contains no chemicals and is a non-GMO product. Naturally smelling of fresh coconut, the high quality ensures high fatty acid count and maximum benefits from plant sterol. Better yet, the packaging provides a 1-year shelf-life when kept in room temp or slightly cooler storage. High quality at an affordable price, Coco Luxe Organic sells a 3.4oz tube for only $11.99.

Coco Luxe Organic Affiliate Program Details

The Coco Luxe Organic affiliate program provides a 20% base commission on every sale ($2.40) with a 100-day tracking cookie and $130 payout threshold via Paypal, monthly. Using an in-house approach with dedicated support and Paydot affiliate program tracking software, affiliates are provided with more than adequate reporting and dependable tracking features with an easy-to-use affiliate dashboard. The Coco Luxe affiliate program also offers a data feed.

Affiliate performance suggestions with Coco Luxe Organic: Coconut oil is in great demand and increasingly becoming more mainstream due to its many talked-about health benefits for skin and hair, daily ingestion and the more niche sector of oil pulling (oral). It is also widely used for cooking/baking, and as such, can be widely cross-promoted.
Highlight Coco Luxe’s USDA Organic credentials along with this company’s “take the goodness to go” approach with its unique, compact and ready-to-use packaging. Beyond skin care and hair care, market this product as a weight-loss product, for increased energy, anti-aging, detox, psoriasis and eczema acre, and even acne care.

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