**UPDATE** The Buy Green affiliate program is no longer active.

BuyGreen.com carries a little of everything for the eco-conscious consumer. The same goes for their natural personal care products. BuyGreen is the place to go for promoting MiEssence certified organic personal care products, especially high-niche items like organic mouthwash, toothpaste and styling gel. Organic cosmetics include concealer, liquid and powder foundations, mascara and lip balm.

BuyGreen.com carries the Organo line from Kirei (designed by Carol Berry), which is about as high end as you can get with sustainable furniture. Kirei board, which is made from reclaimed agricultural fiber (Sorghum plant) is fast becoming renowned for its use in furniture, and will help in achieving LEED certification. Starting at 10%, commissions can get quite large considering the prices people are willing to pay for Kirei eco friendly furniture.

You won’t find low flow water filters at Buy Green just yet. However, you will find the Chilipepper hot water pump. This micro-processor controlled pump easily installs under a sink and helps route efficiently heated water to multiple water appliances, sinks and showers throughout the home. It will save thousands of gallons of water per year, improve dishwasher performance and reduce sewage output. A great product to individually promote, Buy Green sells it for about $180 and pays 10% commissions on sales.

Buy Green offers a large selection of solar powered flashlights, hybrid solar charges and voltaic backpacks as part their solar powered product line. They also carry outdoor solar lighting for homes and gardens.

Organic baby clothing includes a small selection of onesies and weebit shoes, and accessories include baby diaper bags, bottles and a good selection of eco-friendly, non-toxic toys.

BuyGreen also has a Gifts section that lets buyers shop by Person, Holiday and Occasion. You can find a little of everything at BuyGreen, so there are plenty of items that make for great eco gift ideas.

Buy Green hosts an “Energy Savings” section of their website, stocked with a handful of energy efficient products. The most unique and cross-promotable of the bunch, however, is the Chilipepper hot water pump. This little micro-processor controlled pump mounts just under the sink and will efficiently route hot water to multiple sinks and/or showers at the touch of a button. Using less than $2 of electricity per year, the Chilipepper pump will save hundreds per year in water and energy costs. Costing around $180, this is a good buy that will pay a nice commission (10%).

You won’t find actual gardening supplies for your plants at BuyGreen.com (except for the Get Green lawn “greenalizer”), but you will find biodegradable lawn bags, compost buckets and solar powered lighting accents.

BuyGreen.com offers a good selection of GREENChoice caulking adhesives and sealants that can be used for a variety of purposes, a selection of VOC-free paint, adhesives and finishes. Green flooring products and paneling will be coming in the near future. All sealants are low VOC compliant and do not contain Ozone depleting chemicals.

As part of their diverse supply of eco-friendly products for the home and personal use, BuyGreen.com carries a large selection of green cleaning products of various brands, including Eco Discoveries (listed above) and the EPIC line of chlorine, petroleum, paraben and ammonia free cleaners.

Another Co-op America approved green super store, BuyGreen is as environmentally and social conscious as they come. The home living department is stocked with organic cotton and organic wool comforters, pillows and bedding sets. The organic wool mattress is a popular item and is reasonably priced to encourage sales.

BuyGreen is a member of the Link Connector affiliate network. From an affiliates point of view, this is an excellent network, while the software interface allows for advanced affiliate marketing tools, such as product/data feeds, custom linking, widgets and in-depth stat reporting. Commissions start at 10%