**UPDATE** The U-Mix-It affiliate program is no longer active.

U-Mix-It Safe Spray started as a father’s green idea to protect his family and beloved dog from harmful chemicals. Since the 1990’s, U-Mix-It Safe Spray’s creator, Andy, has not only made his home and garden safe from harsh chemicals, he created a simple way for everyone to do the same. The outcome was the creation of the U-Mix-It Safe Spray product line, a highly unique, niche, earth-friendly product.

Currently, U-Mix-It Safe Spray green cleaning recipes are being used by thousands of US households. Their mission is simple – to provide the marketplace with affordable, eco-friendly, homemade solutions for everyday household use – from cleaning, gardening to veggie wash. Beyond your health, U-Mix-It Safe Spray truly cares about the earth’s health by taking steps to protect air, soil, and water resources. They are a GreenAmerica.org approved business.

The concept of U-Mix-It Safe Spray is easy. Purchase the recipe-labeled, BPA-free bottles made from recycled plastic milk containers, follow the mixing recipe and household, garden, everyday cleaning is directly at hand. The recipes call for simple-to-find, affordable natural ingredients found easily at local stores. In fact, most consumers will find that they probably have many of these eco-friendly ingredients at home already.

The bottles are made from BPA-free, HDPE #2, using up to 25% recycled plastic milk containers. The commercial grade spray heads make these bottles high-quality and durable for long use.

U-Mix-It Safe Spray is a proud member of Green America.

Product Details

Cleaning Recipe Spray Bottle – contains homemade green cleaning recipes for all-purpose cleaning, shower cleaning & window cleaning.

Garden Pest Control Spray Bottle – this disease and pest deterrent contains recipes for ant control, aphid control, leaf chewing insect repellant and anti-fungal measures.

Produce Wash Spray Bottle – contains homemade recipes used to eliminate soil, microbes and pesticide residue from your fruits and vegetables before consumption.

Affiliate Program Details

Using Post Affiliate Pro software to power their affiliate program, U Mixit pays a very generous 25% commission on sale conversions of their popular green cleaning recipe spray bottles. BPA-free and made from recycled milk containers, U Mixit’s recipe spray bottles come printed with all-natural, cheap-and-easy to prepare green cleaning recipes.

The green cleaning recipes at U-Mix-It Safe Spray are not just eco-friendly, they are conversion-friendly. A single bottle costs just $4.50, while the convenient 4-pack sells for $20. Affiliates earn a generous 25% on every sale generated, which is a higher-than-average payout for green cleaning products. The minimum payout threshold is $25. Payments are processed directly through PayPal or your bank. That’s $25 for you for every $100 you sell.