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Shareasale is our preferred affiliate network of choice. Offering a “Green” category for merchants, which is unique to an affiliate network, Shareasale boasts an impressive cadre of hundreds-of-thousands of affiliates, including eco/environmental bloggers, health & wellness publishers, super affiliates, datafeed and LOHAS coupon affiliates. Joining the Shareasale network ensures your program will be poised to acquire highly targeted affiliates who are part and parcel of the non-greenwashing, eco movement.

Before an affiliate program can go live in Shareasale, all merchants are guided through the process of setting up several key program features. Doing so ensures the program will meet the minimum requirements for meeting the needs of affiliates.  The degree to which these program features have been strategically implemented will have a direct impact on affiliate signups and engaging new affiliates who join the program.

These steps can be completed yourself, or for a one-time nominal fee, Green Affiliate Programs will oversee all aspects of strategically readying your program for launch and ensuring it makes a memorable first impression with affiliates, incentivizing affiliates to promote your products right from the start.

Affiliate Signup Page – This is the page through which affiliates will sign up and apply to your program in the network. Affiliates are often introduced to your program by finding this signup page; Hence, it is very important your affiliate program signup page showcases your website and program in a strong light, focusing on specific components in “affiliate speak” that provide a strong case for why affiliates should join your program, especially super affiliates.

Auto-emails – There are two instances when auto-emails are sent to prospective affiliates: In reply to an affiliate request to join your program, and after said request has either been approved or declined. Of these, it is imperative the approval email is strategically written to activate affiliates to begin promoting your program right from the start. This can be done by offering affiliate incentives as well as making creatives readily available with corresponding tracking code in the body of the email.

PPC Policy – So as to avoid any unintended PPC campaign setbacks, it is required that all merchant PPC policies are available to affiliates at the time of signing up to your program.

Affiliate Agreement – This is the legal binding agreement which affiliates must agree to when joining your program. Policies regarding commission rules, coupon use, PPC bidding and trademark usage (among others), should be disclosed in this agreement.

Additional à la carte Services

Affiliate Banners – While this is not mandatory for launching your program, we highly recommend providing a selection of engaging banners in various sizes (the minimum of which should include banners at 300×250, 728×90, 300×600 and 320×100) at the time of launching your program.

Professional Banner Package
300 x 250 (2 banners)
320 x 100 (1 banner)
728 x 90 (2 banners)
300 x 600 (1 banner)
See examples here

Tracking Code Installation
*Please note that instructions for tracking code installation will be provided by your tracking solutions provider. If you do not have an in-house web developer/programmer, we will provide tracking integration and testing.

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