For bloggers and content affiliates, the most surefire and cost-effective action you can take to get more traffic to your website is by generating quality content on a consistent basis. The fact that leading SEO experts agree “Content is King” in the world of SEO, is a testament to the power of long-form, keyword-targeted content.

However, content on its own is not enough to gain the amount of search traffic necessary to generate substantial revenue streams from monetized content. It takes a well-thought-out Social Media strategy and SEO practices in order to turn one’s content into revenue-generating traffic.

Being affiliates ourselves, Green Affiliate Programs has tested and experienced, firsthand, the many tools being marketed to improve one’s SEO and social media skills. Over the years, there are two services that stand out from the rest of the pack, and which we give our highest recommendation to affiliates and merchants seeking how to increase web traffic.

Increase Web Traffic

hootsuite-logo-header-smHoot Suite – We have tried all of the leading social media management software platforms firsthand, but none quite provide the scope of social media management that HootSuite does. Besides the wealth of helpful tutorials available through HootSuite University, we particularly love how user-friendly the HootSuite interface is. Enabling all of one’s social media accounts to feed into a single dashboard took a great deal of UX genius. Beyond this, HootSuite provides a large amount of automation, ranging from scheduled posts and content recommendations, to pre-written reply’s and notification messages. Track hashtags, keywords, and conversations that mention your social media accounts, and rest assured you will not miss a single engagement opportunity. The base plan for HootSuite is just $9.95/month, which we have found to be adequate for managing newer social media accounts. Add-on services are available, including custom vanity url’s and enhanced analytics.

Best SEO Management ToolsSEO Profiler – There’s a good reason why over 126,000 digital marketers have subscribed to SEO Profiler. It’s simply one of the best SEO tools available to increase Web traffic. For everything it does, the $49.95/month starter plan is worth every dollar in our experience. The folks at SEO Profiler are so confident in it’s ability to improve your websites SEO, they offer a no-risk, month trial of their popular SMART plan for $1. This gets you 1,000 tracked keywords, 50,000 page audits, white-label reports and a link disinfection tool. For most affiliate marketers, the STANDARD plan should suffice, providing 500 tracked keywords and 20,000 page audits. Some of the many features included with this search engine optimization tool include comprehensive keyword research and rank checking, web page optimization, link building management, weekly website audit to detect SEO errors, and competitor analysis, which not only provides comprehensive data on your competitors to see what they are doing right with their SEO campaigns, it goes one step further and guides you on exceeding the SEO of your competitors.