gap-home-contentWelcome to the Green Affiliate Programs Network. We provide outsourced affiliate program management (OPM) services to green-minded businesses in the Lifestyles of Health and Wellness (LOHAS) industry. We also provide a comprehensive, free online affiliate program directory serving to connect affiliates with businesses offering eco-friendly health and wellness products and services on the Web.

These days, to call your business green and sustainable, means doing environmentally friendly and socially responsible business. If this applies to your products and the services you provide, why shouldn’t it apply to your B2B relations and marketing activities? This especially holds true for affiliate marketing activities, which is all about the relationships you keep.

The Green Affiliate Programs Network is in a unique position that helps us form and nurture such relationships, utilizing our extensive knowledge and connections within the affiliate marketing industry as a whole to connect green businesses with affiliates catering to the same audience. We are the only affiliate program management company specializing in the LOHAS sector, and take great pride in helping nurture the growth of a green economy. If you are here to do the same, please sign up for our newsletter so that we can connect.